Traditional, transactional contracts are straightforward to design and work effectively when needs are clear and customer–supplier interactions are simple. Under current defense situations, these simple contracts don't work well. These contracts aren't cost-effective and inflexible when needs are difficult, providers have limited competition, and risks are significant or unavoidable. Closer customer–supplier connections formed through sophisticated defense contracting frameworks are preferable.

We operate throughout the entirety of Iraq to meet the demands of your business, our services include the design and building of life support camps, structural adaptations, and property refurbishment.


As a successful Contractor/Sub Contractor with the US Army and its prime vendors in Iraq providing

  • Leasing of Equipment and Vehicles
  • Procurement local & International
  • Commercial facilities – Offices, Workshops, Warehousing
  • Residential accommodation – Single ensuite, shared & tents.
  • Facility Management & Food Services
  • Housekeeping & Laundry services
  • Airport Meet & Greet services.
  • Fresh Water Delivery
  • Waste management
  • Security structures supply and installation
Efficient Procurement

With our locations in Iraq, Dubai, and the United Kingdom, we assist customers in establishing and running effective procurement structures and operations, allowing them to take advantage of potential advantages that may be available for their particular operations and procurement profile.

Equipment & Goods

Major corporations' expenditures on core and non-core goods and services are optimized. Certain types of expenditure need a specialized strategy to optimize the supply structures and assuring compliance and control via integrated procedures and technologies.

  • We deliver excellent supplies and services on schedule at affordable costs. End-to-end ERP for strategic supply chain activities for national and international supplier networks with excellent category and supplier management.
  • We offer multi-model transportation worldwide based on employer preferences and routes. Following receiving a logistic service request using in-house digital platforms, the Logistics and Transport department shares its plan with the required divisions to provide a smooth, secure, and optimal solution.
  • When logistics determine routes, project-specific packaging begins. Package identities and details are activated. Then packages are tracked electronically and physically. Packages are protected by every means. They are safely and ergonomically prepared for road, sea, and air travel.
  • Uses ERP, EDM, loading, and truck route optimization technologies to optimize logistics processes and take advantage of digital transformation.
Among the Services
  • Heavy Structural
  • Light Civil
  • Foundations
  • Pipe Supports
  • Sumps
  • Demolition

Planning, construction, and maintenance of man camps and life support areas, including sleeping accommodations, kitchen and dining facilities, water processing, generators, power cabling, ablutions and plumbing, sewage processing, recreation centers, and offices.

Design, construction, and maintenance of TWalls, Fences, Entrance Control Points (including people, package, and vehicle scanners), Guard Towers, CCTV Devices, Overhead Protection, Bunkers, Armoires, and Moats.

Rebuilding buildings, roads, towers, and power infrastructure (power lines, relay stations, etc.)

Renovating office buildings, fences, security structures, life support facilities, power structures, roadways, communications towers, and power lines.

Reed has executed projects on time and on a budget because of Segment's management staff's diversified backgrounds, expertise, and skills.

Segment may manage a variety of building jobs.

Life Support
Waste Management

Our trucks and vehicles have excellent waste management equipment tailored to your organization. The section also has a low-clearance truck unit. Low-level entrance vehicles are ideal for inner-city refuse collection.

Our vehicles undergo safety tests and full services every 1 - 2 months and 6 months, following stringent industry vehicle maintenance norms.

Comprehensive Solutions

We provide safe and secure complete solutions for distant sites and harsh settings, including Camp Management, Electricity and Water Operations and Maintenance, Housekeeping, Laundry, Sanitation, Pest Control, Personnel Supply, and camp maintenance Services.

Life Support Design, Operation, and Maintenance maximize productivity and mission success. Initially, we establish the life support area's demographics (Expat, TCN, LN).

Segment manages and maintains fire alarm systems, CCTV, refrigeration, lighting, ventilation, and filtration, as well as landscaping, grounds maintenance, and cleaning.

Our professional site managers use control solutions and remote monitoring to optimize lighting, HVAC, and water resource efficiency, reducing energy waste.

We collaborate with you to build a regular scheduled preventive maintenance strategy that provides insight into equipment performance and how to enhance it with repairs or replacements. We'll also assist you plan, organize, and implement energy-saving practices and internal rules to continually monitor your energy use, uncover cost savings, and minimize energy consumption across your organization.

Fleet Management
Equipment Management

Fleet management affects job site performance. That’s why we designed a site-specific Onsite Fleet Maintenance and Management Program to assist you to maintain and manage your owned equipment and site vehicles using the same systems, procedures, and knowledge.

Onsite Program
  • Maintenance Services
  • Parts & Material Management
  • Fleet Systems
  • Fleet Advisory Services
  • Rental Services

A team of factory-trained, certified mechanics will work on-site. No repair is too complicated, and we condition our more than 100-unit rental fleet with the same quality and skill. We'll find suitable vendors if we can't help.

Our Services include
  • Planned repairs/preventative maintenance
  • Standard unplanned repairs
  • Monthly/annual inspections - ANSI, OSHA, CSA
  • Parts management
  • Warranty work
  • Specialty repairs
  • Tire repair
  • Bodywork/glass
  • State vehicle inspections
Security Structures
Product Advantage
  • Rebar reinforcement for superior strength
  • Material storage can be filled on one or both sides.
  • The base is uniformly weighted.
  • L/T panels Freestanding without footings Portability for building, altering, and selling.
  • Installed at your location or on your timetable.
  • We can modify precast concrete T-Wall height and breadth to fit your footprint and volume.

Precast concrete security walls and fence. Segment manufactures and builds. We make a range of security concrete walling and fences to meet customer needs.

Design, provide, and install.

Continually monitor and review our impact on the environment along with both the local and wider communities. We provide a safe and diverse working environment with zero tolerance for dangerous working practices.

Our Products

3 - 6-meter concrete barriers for quick wall construction that protects against low-trajectory weaponry (including near hits), small arms fire, shrapnel, and explosion.

  • Guard Observation Towers
  • Guard Combat Posts
  • Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers
  • Fences & Obstacles
  • Portable Shelters & Protected Spaces
  • Building Fortification
  • Mobile Auxiliary Buildings
Our past efficiency

Partners of Segment Company have a proven track record of delivering security and logistical services as well as life support in post-conflict contexts.

In challenging circumstances, we have contracted for mobile and static security, capacity building, logistical supply chain, and life support services. We have provided a vast array of services to a diversified clientele, including government, corporate, and non-governmental organizations.

We are an attractive partner to assist you in accomplishing your goals and objectives in this challenging climate due to our knowledge, experience, and ability to offer affordable pricing.

Segment leads a variety of activities, events, and programs that assist our members, whether representing industry, connecting members with commercial prospects, or advancing innovation and growth.

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