MED Steel is a multi-national Steel making company located near the city of Erbil. MED Steel is the most advanced integrated steel plant in Iraq, utilizing the latest rolling mill technology to produce rebar and sections (U-shaped profiles, Square profiles, Angle profiles, Flat profiles and T-shaped profiles)

MED Steel’s underlying business goal is to be an efficient and competitive producer of finished steel products. To achieve this, the company continually and significantly invests in expansions in the areas of processing, manufacturing, and innovations. In addition, these investments help to improve product and service quality, reduce the company’s environmental footprint and increases safety for its workers and customers.

The Best And The Most Advanced Steel-Making Company in Iraq

After more than 2 years of hard working with determination and tenacity and investing about 100 Million USD to build up the biggest steel factory in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, we are proud to announce that on the date of 18.05.2021 the MED steel company started working officially by the presence of Prime Minister Masrour Barzani alongside Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) ministers and a number of local and foreign investors cut the ribbon of the project opening in a ceremony in Erbil.


Segment Refinery is located at Senara near Erbil and began operations in 2021. Operated by Segment Company, the Refinery uses the latest technologies to produce the HFO (heavy fuel oil) and Re-used the (Waste oil) with a capacity of 1500 Meter-cube per day, it is one of the largest refineries in Kurdistan region of Iraq.