In the ever-changing business landscape of Iraq, Segment Co. has the abilities and capabilities to support and partner with small, mid-size and large business corporations for investment opportunities. These businesses will not only benefit from Segment’s professional financial management services but they will also be able to minimize their risk and diversify their portfolio.

Segment can aid businesses to reach their investment goals quickly and with minimal risk by providing experienced and qualified financial managers with extensive industry expertise. In addition, Segment can provide ample opportunities to companies to diversify their portfolio resulting in various revenue streams.

Our Investment

Segment is a value-driven investment company with a mission to find, support and scale the most innovative ideas and ventures to build and completely transform the economy in Iraq. We believe networks and expertise are crucial hence we not only provide financial support but also build long-term relationships with our entrepreneurs and provide smart capital.

Segment’s central area of focus is to raise, structure and deploy funding through coordinated and managed solutions. Our primary areas of focus include but not limited to engineering, branding, construction, steel, manpower, infrastructure and oil and gas.


  • Population of Iraq 43.5 million
  • GDP (2021) $207.9 billion
  • GDP per capita (2021) $4,775
  • Growth rate of 2.8% as of 2021

Petroleum is the most valued mineral in Iraq with its production contributing the largest portion to GDP. Oil revenues have accounted for 99% of exports, thus the opportunities in the oil and gas market are bountiful. We are dedicated to this market to utilize all the opportunities it has to offer.

Our Investments
Steel Plant
HFO Refinery
Zinc Oxide Plant
Luxury Home Brands

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