Our steel melting and billet production facility is capable of generating 360,000 tons of steel per year, while our bar milling unit is capable of producing 350,000 tons.

Our 52MW capacity power plant was manufactured in Japan and is of Japanese origin. Each individual engine is fueled by heavy fuel oil and has an output of 8.66 MW. As a consequence of their slow speed of 750 RPM and minimal wear and tear, the engines have a reasonably long lifespan. This adds to sustainability, one of our top priorities, as we seek to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.

At Med Steel, we want to be the company that our competitors turn to for technological innovation and manufacturing best practices. All of our products are manufactured using the most cutting-edge production techniques. Safety, Quality, Sustainability, Environment, and Teamwork are our guiding values as we supply society with superior goods and services.

The first and only company in the production of sections in Kurdistan region

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