The Heavy Fuel oil facility is located 45 kilometres south of the city of Erbil in the Kurdistan region. The purpose of the facility is to treat untreated heavy fuel oil and create fuel oil of the requisite grade.

There are seven identical lines constructed at the site for manufacturing a maximum of 3,180 tons of HFO per day, and the factory operates in three shifts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Storage Tanks for both Untreated and Treated HFO
  • Heavy Fuel Oil Treatment Plant (Located inside the Shed), 7 Typical lines.
  • Instrument Air System
  • Water Treatment facility
  • Water bath Heater
  • PLC system, Workstation
  • The MCC panels
  • Diesel Generators
Available equipment for all the 7 lines
  • Heat Exchangers (Untreated and Treated HFO)-2 nos
  • Heat Exchangers (Untreated HFO and Hot water)-2 nos
  • Demulsifier injection system -1 No
  • Wash water heat exchangers-2 nos
  • Oily water treatment system (Bilge system with Tank and Pumps).
Total workforce of 62 people, consisting of 12 administrative staff members and 50 operation & maintenance staff members.

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