With the considerable design, engineering, building, and operation of power plants experience. Our experience includes managing power plants with various fuel sources and configurations, allowing our engineers to fully comprehend the complexity of power plant equipment. In addition to offering EPC and O&M services to other parties, we control several power assets, resulting in a culture of treating all assets as if they were our own. Through proactive maintenance scheduling and modern monitoring technology, we attempt to maximize the lifespan value of our clients' power plants.

Our value propositions

Our team's extensive technical knowledge, passion for problem-solving, and automated project management tools enable us to adapt to our client’s goals and each plant's specific technical requirements.

We regularly fulfill availability and production goals while doing preventative, predictive, and, when necessary, unscheduled maintenance in the most cost-effective manner. We actively pursue contract agreements in which we have a vested stake in the performance and risk management of the facility.

Expertise and services

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with integrated workforce planning and spare parts inventory management Degradation modeling including third party performance testing Reduced costs for parts and supplies through our global procurement network Management of Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA) through our strong OEM relationships Balance of Plant equipment service and repair Comprehensive plant staffing and HR support Operator training

Specialists in operation and maintenance to
  • Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plants
  • Simple Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plants
  • Mobile Gas Turbine Power Plants
  • Co-Generation Power Plants
  • Conventional Thermal Plants
Providing reliable and sustainable energy

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