We have obtained numerous certifications that meet global standards
ISO 9001/ 14001 and ISO 45001, from international certification bodies for our quality assurance system and environment & safety management system, leading us to become a trusted company among customers.
01 HSE Policy
Always put safety first.

Segment is committed to protecting its employees and any other workers participating in the execution of a project from health and safety hazards. We take every precaution necessary to ensure a safe atmosphere for our employees, consequently minimizing the risks. Risk management is the essential option for a safe environment, and at Segment we adhere to every component of risk management with honesty.

We adhere to a world-class HSE strategy for every project and place a premium on safety. Safety is not only a regulation policy for us, but rather a top priority for every worker on our projects. Our first priority for the whole project team is their health and safety, which is incorporated into every part of our project operations. The fact that Segment is regarded as one of the safest contractors repositions the firm as a leader in the EPC industry.

02 Quality Process
Quality Control checks for
Authentic Standards.

Segment Engineering has implemented well-defined management systems for major company processes (i.e. Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Quality, Environment, Safety, Administration, etc.). Specific Functional Departments are responsible for designing and continuously enhancing management system procedures and processes. The process and method specify the Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) elements. The All-Ongoing Projects Quality Assurance Plan offers the structure required to provide a consistent approach to quality assurance across the life cycle of the project. It specifies the method quality assurance employees will use to monitor processes and products in order to give objective insight into the product's maturity and quality. The systematic monitoring of the ongoing project's goods, processes, and services will be examined to verify that they conform with Project rules, standards, and procedures and fulfill all applicable requirements.

Quality Assurance is the Project function responsible for creating a high-quality product. It is used to monitor and analyze compliance with processes, procedures, and standards in order to determine the prospective product and service quality. QA sets criteria against which the quality of the delivered products/services and the completion rate may be measured.

Quality Control is the process of ensuring compliance with legitimate specifications.

This process comprises excellent planning, training, providing clear decisions and instructions, frequent monitoring, quick assessment for correctness and completeness of accomplished operations, and documentation of all judgments, assumptions, and suggestions. The primary goal is to provide a framework through which all goods may be subjected to a systematic and uniform evaluation. The output of the evaluation should be a collection of high-quality, substantially error-free project blueprints.

04 ISO Standards
ISO 9001 : 2015
ISO 14001 : 2015
ISO 45001 : 2018

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