Segment Company is an Investment Corporation that was founded in 2019 as a private company in Kurdistan, Iraq. Segment has become one of the most promising up-and-coming investment firms by capitalizing on the opportunities that presented themselves in the region. Segment intends to be one of the top investment firms in Iraq and is striving towards this objective on a daily basis with its exceptional business practices. In only a short period, Segment Co. has cemented its rightful place in the industry as one of the most innovative, modern and reliable local companies rivaling international firms with its practices.
01 About Us
Segment shall strive for long-term organizational and social progress.

A global economic and social tipping point will change business. This paradigm change goes beyond conventional thinking and operations. We aspire to benefit clients and stakeholders through change. As CEO of Segment, I intend to develop the company into private markets to complement our public market operations.

Our goal isn't just to sell public-market items, services, and delivery systems to private markets, we may customize services by merging them. Our primary business can help address climate change and inequality.

02 Our Business
Together with our clients, we facilitate the transition to clean energy while enhancing the efficiency, sustainability, and resiliency of current infrastructure.

Regardless of the project's complexity, the Segment process concept offers clients a high-quality service to guarantee that design, planning, construction, and cost objectives match or exceed expectations.

We take great pleasure in our ability to develop, execute, and project manage specialized process engineering services to meet the specific needs of clients from a wide variety of industries. Our record of accomplishment demonstrates that we are a first-rate process engineering firm capable of completing even the most difficult projects successfully.

Provide Core Competencies

Our organization's backbone is decades of process expertise. Chemical, process and mechanical engineers compose our team.


We are independent of equipment providers, allowing us to specify only on the basis of merit, appropriateness, quality, and price. Strong Relationships - we recognize that our success depends on that of our customers. We become more successful when our clients become more prosperous.

Proactive Project Management

We ensure that all of our projects meet their schedule, cost, and quality objectives. Throughout the duration of a project, we take great satisfaction in our superior client communication.

Commercial Approach

Our approach to projects is commercially adaptable. We operate under a variety of pricing structures, ranging from fixed-price projects to reimbursable open-book agreements.


Innovation is key to our business at Segment, our clients come from a wide variety of industries, allowing us to give the best process design and engineering solutions by utilizing best practices and the most recent innovations.

05 Our Partners

Our professional partners are strong and engaged. We collaborate to provide your customers the best solutions.

Our experience can improve professional advisers' services. Because of their unique client connection, we collaborate with them to offer services that complement their advice.

We're happy to discuss how we can assist your clients. This talk will describe our philosophy and guiding principles and how we may work with you to offer high-quality services to your clients.

We cherish our independence because it lets us give them fair money advice. We can make the best consumer decision without outside influence.

06 Our History
Our people make us Distinct.

Our story of organic development and smart acquisitions from a tiny firm in Iraq in 2019 to a multinational organization is distinctive.

  • A remarkable combination of heritage and determination
  • The effectiveness of our worldwide workforce is crucial to our success.
06 CEO Message

Decarbonization requires cross-industry collaboration and sustainable technological investment. Financial markets help our clients and society handle sustainability issues. This benefits Segment and society. I think diversity is essential for new challenges, working with varied people inspires new ideas and expertise. I and the management team prioritize diversity, acceptance, and self-expression in the workplace. I provide expertise, diverse experiences, and unique values to group operations.

Our management goal is socially responsible growth. Clients and stakeholders trust our diverse operations. Social improvement raises our firms’ value.

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