Our business operates in three main areas, the first of which is the finance and development of construction of infrastructure in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq where we have an unblemished and proven track record. We provide strong construction engineering services in Kurdistan, and we then manage and maintain the finished projects and upgrade them as required, in the fields of power transmission, utilities infrastructure, road, and rail.

1 – Oil and Gas

In partnership with our associates we supply all necessary equipment for these fields. It is highly important for us that these projects are delivered on time and meet the best infrastructure standards.

2 – Consulting and Design

Based upon our estimates, we then formulate a budget so that the project can be safely commenced in the knowledge that there will be no over-run.

  • Civil Engineering
  • Refurbishment
  • Highways Services and asset
  • Structural Strengthening,
    Protection and Repair
  • Construction
  • Ground Engineering
  • Mechanical and Electrical

  • Modular Systems

3 – Support Services

Large projects can consist of many different phases, so we create timetables for each one that we know can be achieved in order that the completed project finishes on time and on budget, and does not exceed the project life cycle.

Support Services

Manage work orders

Work orders are the engine of any project. They power the team and move it forward from one point to the next. We manage work orders so that each phase can be completed on time.

Determine methods and strategies

In order for every project to finish on time and on budget, we determine methods and strategies for each step to proceed in a logical and carefully planned sequence.

Communicate with clients and stakeholders

We ensure that we keep clients and stakeholders up to date with every phase of the project in order for them to have complete peace of mind.

Segment Company Services


Our services include: – Solid waste collection – Other Non-hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal – Brine water disposal – Black and gray water collection – Various cleaning & Hygienic services – Laundry services – Portable toilets and hand wash units lease and cleaning service

We are currently cleaning up any spills or overflow in the areas around the receptacles.
We are removing any collected storm waters, as identified by the Client.

1- Our trucks are ready to do the service at the earliest time delivering to site

Segment Company is now able to provide a wide range of additional services and supplies in Airbase at Erbil International Airport.

We can offer general contracting services to construct almost anything that you need. For example, our general supplies section provided fireproof tents for the American Army base, and our contracting team undertook the actual installation and construction.

We have a large stock of vehicles for hire for a variety of different purposes. So, for instance, we can rent you Nissan or Toyota pickups; a choice of Ford Cargos; a large number of dump trucks from BMC, Mercedes, and Iveco; and water trucks.

When you are in need of heavy machinery, we have JCBs; Caterpillar bulldozers; many different excavators from Hitachi, Komatsu, and Daewoo; several rock-drilling machines; crushers; and front loader Volvos for hire. We also have some concrete mixers.

In addition, we can provide you with cleaning services and waste collection.


By financing, developing, and building innovative and efficient infrastructure projects our company is integrated into the local market and answers to the region’s economic boom.

We see the implementation of our projects to the very end. Our teams oversee the entire life cycle of all infrastructure through superb engineering, long-term investment, and maintenance.

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